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We take nothing for granted in today’s fast-paced, change-driven world. Instead we research everything. Insight mining is at the core of our advisory skills and capabilities, something we share with our clients as we partner them through life-changing and destiny-defining decisions.


Predictability and linearity are features of a past world order. We embrace ambiguity and volatility for the demand it places on business leaders to think critically in pursuit of finding breakthrough solutions to most challenging issues. Complex is the new world norm; our approach revels in open-ended analytical questioning that redefines the future of any business.


Rethinking your organization’ strategy and business model is only the beginning. Real value is generated through cultural alignment and clinical execution. Your people, business processes and systems coupled with performance measurement are at the confluence of the key levers of excellent execution

For all this and more, Groupthinq Advisory Services is your Partner...



GroupThinq Advisory Holdings has been building and managing intellectual capital businesses offering niche management consulting services to private and public sector clients since 2007

The group subsidiary businesses have a track record in mining and mining-related industries, financial services, industrial and manufacturing services, fast moving consumer goods companies and more. GroupThinq thrives on the philosophy of providing clients with solutions that reflect local intelligence and agility supported by global perspectives


Our businesses are organically funded and developed. We develop in-house, cutting-edge advisory tools and models comparable with the best management knowledge systems offered globally. We have an unwavering focus on research and innovation, always seeking to rethink our world and that of our clients to a better, more efficient and productive state

Our businesses primarily service corporate boards, executive teams and senior business-unit line leaders tasked with the job of creating, managing and preserving shareholder value. In the public sector, we partner senior executive-level officials in thinking and shaping strategies to deliver socio-economic impact, even with limited tax resources at their disposal. We therefore believe that advisory services have to clearly demonstrate ‘consulting value-add’ in each engagement we take on, a principle that drives our client servicing, quality control and delivery processes


We are bound by one company value: Abundance. Knowledge work thrives in open systems where we learn and share what we know and do, openly. We believe that our fate is intertwined with our clients for the long-term good of all our businesses, benefiting from healthy exchanges, teaming in projects and driving towards a common goal. Our expertise is imparted to our clients with trust-based relationships. After our clients, our employees are the main beneficiary stakeholders as we build GroupThinq to a brighter future

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